The Name:

Once upon a time the world was flat. Monsters lurked beyond the horizon and no one dared to go that far. Those  who did we branded as explorers. 

Now a days the world is small and interconnected. The unknown geographical horizons are crossed everyday and the deep sea creatures are no longer part of our lives.

However there is another horizon that we have not crossed. There are still monsters we have not encountered: our own limits, our own fears.

Hence the name: Life over the edge.

What happens when we leave the safety of our charted lives?

What monsters are we going to face?

What unknown lands will we discover?

Channeling the explorers we have set out in our own journey.

Our Mission:

To share this journey as it reveals itself to us.

We want to create and share with a community of home-stayers and travelers alike what life over the edge is like. The challenges we face, fears we go through and the experiences expressed in a variety of artistic mediums. 

So breath in and take hold, we are in for a wild ride.