Pre-missing home

Leaving is hard when its conflicted.

 I have wanted this trip for so long and so many times I catch myself thinking 'whats the point? Im leaving soon anyway.' But as I glance through my apartment that has been my home for over five years, I am getting nostalgic. I am pre-missing my home. 

I have left home many times before, but I left on shorter trips, the longest being two months, knowing Ill return. I won't have an address. I won't have a PO box, In the US's eyes, Ill be an expat. Weird to think about that. just weird. moving all the time not stopping for longer than a month, then on the road again. Loosing touch with all my friends, distancing myself figuratively and literally, from a majority of society because travel changes people. I have been through it, I've seen it and I have trouble grappling with the kind of changes I will undergo. I don't, not like me. Im a good guy and I enjoy my life here. So the argument goes on, I don't have to leave. No one is making me and when I go over this in my head, I know that. No one is making me go. I can stay here in my tacky low rent los angeles apartment. stick to the comforts of living and settle in for a life of comfort. 

That one question is all I need to ask to get me going again. 'Would I regret staying or going?' That seals it. I am scared but I know in my heart that I would regret staying. 

So thats it. No more debate, no more questions. Just go


First off, welcome to life over the edge.

Secondly, holy fucking shit.

Im sitting in a well lit, comfortably tacky Los Angeles apartment pondering my future. In exactly 3 months, my girlfriend and I are selling 95% of our belongings, and setting off to traverse the globe. I know, its... its a bit uncouth, a bit off kilter but also a bit I-want-to-run-the-other-way-as-fast-as-I-can. 

This tricky little idea snuck into out heads about 19 months ago. We kicked around the idea, found a few neat places, started putting routes together, attached them to dates, put some pins on a map and voila! A trip was born. 

It would be a nice fairy tale start if it was that simple. But hold on fair nay-sayer, it is not. We leave in May to Spain, then the trip to Turkey will be spent cycling. We will ride our pretty little faces over 2500 miles and through 2 mountain (or hilly area) ranges until we arrive triumphantly into the Mediterranean trading grounds of Istanbul by October. 


We fly back to Mexico (Diana's mother land) to celebrate two weddings and enjoy some tortas. 

Then BAM! We store our trusty steads and take our handy little backpacks for a trip around India. Not just any normal trip, but a Rickshaw Run level of trip. If you haven't heard about it (we didn't know what it was) its a three-wheeled death machine pounding through the depths of Indian mayhem on a 3500 km balls-to-the-wall race. This will put our relationship to the test...

And that is all we have planned so far. Thats it. 19 months of planning and we only have rough outlines. Check in soon. Maybe we will know what to see.