Before we left Pisa we wanted to mail some of the surplus stuff we had. You would think that sending a package wouldn’t be a battle royal of will power.  The post office will surely have a box we thought. It will just be quick, we thought. What we didn’t foresee was that we were indeed in Italy, and what you THINK will be is most certainly not what is.

 After having to search for a box in three different places and about an hour of explaining to the teller that we wanted to insure the package because some of it was actually really valuable, we were finally able to send our stuff back. After we paid for the insurance we realized we were idiots. Realistically if they lost the package what would be the odds to actually get a claim resolved, when the post office doesn’t even sell boxes. Anyways, Ce la vie and we hailed married that it would arrive safely. We headed back to the hostel and prepared to leave to ride the few kilometers we had to Crespina and thus the winery.

I was feeling better. I was optimistic that we could do this and thankful that we were going to make the reservation date.  I asked Jonathan as we were loading up the bikes again if his felt lighter and he barked back that “no indeed his bike actually feels heavier.”

“Jesus!” I thought, “just making a joke” and so I told him “Why can’t you just laugh with me anymore?” That sent him off into a crankier mood. The post office ordeal had set him off and my remark was the cherry on top.

The thing about traveling with someone is that even as much as you think you KNOW a person, you don’t. Not really. There is so much to be learned still and spending 24/7 together is the perfect canvas to get the full picture.  Between him and I this is something I am just beginning to learn how to deal with. Is he sleepy or just cranky? Or both? Or hungry? Do I say something? Do I not? Will I just make it worse? Can I make it better? I still haven’t quite maneuvered the right approach.  I am learning his rhythms and moods and at times I am just lost.  I guess it all goes into learning about each other. I am sure for him is how to close down the waterworks of me crying.  

Oh the beauty of couples travel....

We loaded up and finally set out. A part of our route was a very over grown “bike path.” The path was no wider than probably 8 inches or so. Therefore with my incredible mad maneuvering skills 8 inches was no problem... WRONG. I kept swerving into the overgrown grass and losing my balance and yes falling. At least the falls were cushioned. I kept singing in “just keep swimming” tune was “I’m going to make it. I’m going to make it” and focusing on the path.  The singing actually worked and I did make it.

After a few more hours we were about 2 km away from the winery. We couldn’t arrive a day early and so set out to look for a camp spot. We found one in a small hillside clearing.  It has a gorgeous view and the sunset was breathtaking. THIS was why the falls and crying and crankiness were worth it: to experience these moments.

We set up camp and had tuna sandwiches for dinner. As the night fell, little by little we saw lights start to flutter in the air. Then finally fireflies surrounded the entire area. It was magical. A great pay off to a shitty start.

It was there that I knew experiences like these were ones I could only get doing this trip like this, on a bike, with a tent, with my boyfriend.