Picking the bikes up


This was it. I was finally going to see my bike for the first time. Oh did I forget to mention that? I had never really seen my bike fully built. Nor had ridden it. Little detail.

We arrived to Green Bikes to pick them up. Shiny and new they were delivered and now it was the true test.  

Sure, I can ride a bicycle. With no one around me, no stop lights, no traffic and no sudden turns. Crowds are my hell. It was quickly apparent our bike skills did not match. Jonathan was zipping and turning around the hoards of crowds as I stayed behind trying to not hit people and topple over. I felt nervous. Just like riding a bike was a sentiment that maybe shouldn't apply to me. 

We met up with Adam and Laura and went to see the crazy Batlo Casa Gaudi. Just two years ago I had gone to Barcelona alone. Jonathan and I, having been broken up at the time. It was an odd feeling to revisit this place with him in such a different trip, like I was getting a redo.

The time with Adam and Laura came to an end and once again saying goodbye was hard. Like the last string of home was getting cut and now I was on my own. Well Jonathan was with me but he had no idea.

but then again neither did I.