Back to Barcelona


Bus it back to Barcelona. Now we knew there was no train back. No surprises, it should be easy. We made plans to meet up with friends in Barcelona. They were traveling to Barcelona to meet up with us. Take the 9 am bus get in at 5, easy!

The night before I ask Jonathan, "Should we buy our tickets now or there?" We'll just get them there.... Again with the rookie mistakes. 

We get to the bus station 8:45 am. Dragging Monster and Beast through the metro systems again. In an attempt to help Jonathan pull Monster through he doesn't see me and Monster is slammed into my foot. I knew it right there... it's bleeding. His temper has been extremely short fused and at times I don't know what to do. I now know to maybe just get out of the way. He doesn't see his surroundings when he is in that state and now I have a broken toe nail. AWESOME.

We are desperately trying to find the bus. We split up. Jonathan you go to the door and I will buy tickets. He leaves and as I try to figure out the self service machine I see all the buses are sold out till noon. I RUN to Jonathan screaming "Don't get in the BUS it's sold out." I see him standing looking left and right trying to find which bus was the 9 am one and I deliver the bad news.  Fine noon it is. Why would we find it easy? We both ask ourselves why do we keep making these rookie mistakes. It almost feels like this is our first trip out of the country. We keep stumbling and nothing seems to be going right.

The bus ride there was fine. However we had once again to drag Monster and Beast around the cobbled sidewalks of Barcelona. FUN. Sweaty and cranky we finally made up the 3 story walk up we had secured for the time. We changed quickly and went to meet up with friends, Adam and Laura.

It felt so good to see familiar faces. It felt like I could rest. I didn't quite expect that feeling. It caught me of guard of how much seeing someone we knew was so comforting. After the transport days we had we needed something to go right and seeing them was like a breath of fresh air. 

We needed the mental rest we were going to pick up the bikes the next day.