Poggio Al Casone

Now back to our regularly (delayed) scheduled programing....

From sleeping on the ground to a four post bed.

Poggio Al Casone is a thing of fairy tales. I had only seen a place like this in pictures. We pulled up the ornate iron gates in our bicycles. We had put on our "clean" shirts in attempts to not look homeless.

The road to the house is lined with perfectly groomed pines. At the house a beautiful terrace overlooking the vineyards.  We parked next to an Audi and BMW, yeah we would fit right in. We were greeted by Caroline with a warm smile and she told us we had to wait because our room wasn't ready but, we could wait in the terrace, maybe have some coffee and pastries? YES PLEASE!

She came out with a tray with two perfectly foamy cappuccinos and warm croissants. Yes WARM croissants.  Every detail of that tray was perfect: the classic silverware, the monogrammed china, the lace tray cover. Those croissants to this day hold the #1 place standard to what a croissant should be.... maybe I was just really hungry.

Regardless, as we were were sitting there, enjoying the view and warm croissants, I realized that it had all been worth it. The fighting, the crying, the hills, the defeat. This was the payoff and it was in the form of a perfect little croissant shape.

Then the reveal.

She guided us to what would be our apartment for the night. It had a full large kitchen, with a beautiful 8 seat classic wooden table. The room had a foyer, of course. The bed was four post with a sheer white canopy over it. White pillows and a white fluffy comforter covered the top. Robes laid on top with slippers and our pool towels. I'm telling you, a room you only see in a magazine. I was in heaven.

Caroline asked if we needed something else and because why not, we asked for a second round of croissants and cappuccinos. No shame.

I took a long shower and then just enjoyed the big fluffy bed. We had been invited to wine tasting. We enjoyed the wine and may have asked to take the half full bottles with us after the the tasting and Caroline may have hinted that if we didn't the wine was going to waste. Really we were just looking out for the environment. Pouring wine into the ground makes the acidity levels raise rendering the soil unusable. I promise I read this somewhere.

About two bottles in, we got ready to go out to dinner. Ironically, riding on a unloaded bike proved harder than we thought. Also the wine didn't help much. It was like we are dammed if we are loaded, dammed if we aren't. We got on our feather light bikes and had so much trouble controlling them after now being use to maneuvering steel bricks. We rode down the hill, squirreling around. We made it to the restaurant just a short 2km away. It was a little quaint place decorated in a modge podge style. It was a mix of a country side theme and a french confectionary with an Italian flare.

The dinner was amazing. The night before we had tuna salad sandwiches and now I was having truffle ravioli, which I ordered a second of. No shame. We wined and dined and talked and laughed.Things were finally going well. We had made it to the winery and now we were drunk. The challenge now was the ride back slightly buzzed in the dark. Jonathan had a little bit more than me and I felt the the pressure of getting us home. It was funny more than anything else. We were being silly and riding in the dark. I was unavoidably slightly nervous even if no cars were in sight.

We made it back to the winery and decided to take a stroll around the vineyards. It was straight out of a book. The slight warm wind would rustle the vineyards and the stars were in full display. We walked around for a bit and then went back to the room. We snuggled into bed, white sheets have never felt so good.