Arriving at night

The Ferry left 3 hours late. That meant that our 7 pm arrival to Civitaveccha with sunlight was now  10 pm in the dark. Amazing. 

The ferry ride was spent eating all the food we had! Literally we needed to get rid of that weight and apples and oranges are heavy. It was a pause. Yet again I felt fear inside me brewing. I would now have to ride in the dark to our first stop.

Jonathan tells me he needs me on my A game. "What do you think I have been trying to do? B or C level?" I thought. My A game is just subpar at the moment. I can see how my lack of skills are starting to annoy him. Or at least this is where they first start to show. 

The ferry exit was clumsy but we got out. Lights on and a Hail Mary.  We could see semi trucks and huge trailers drive in the freeway. 

Once again no room for error Diana. No time to be scared. No time to chicken out. Lights mounted we set out in the dark. A turn here. Look forward. Try not to hit a large bump on the road and fall.  Some cars in the dark whizzing by us. Then all of a sudden no lights but ours and fireflies. Like a welcome party the fireflies flanked the sides of the road as we arrived to the camp site.

After a game of charades map instructions with the night guard, we made it to our mobile home camp. Unload the bikes and make food. We were both hungry. Again it felt normal. I was happy I had passed the first test. We were here in Italy, safe and sound. After the rough start maybe tomorrow is a better day. Maybe tomorrow will show me why I chose this and it will be easy.

Maybe.... but I really should stop saying things will be easy.