Inside the mind

This I promise you

This is not a travel blog.

Well it is but it isn’t.

I won’t tell you the top ten things to do in Barcelona or the IT place to hit for a swanky drink.

I won’t tell you what’s the best gear or items of clothing to take because I am already learning I unavoidably got some of this stuff wrong.

I won’t tell you how to snag cheap airfare or what hostel to stay in.

I won’t tell you the top five things I learned as a traveller because I am learning more that just five things.

This is not a travel blog like that.

I say this because there are people out there WAY more qualified for this than me. People that are building small little blog empires with the Top tens and tip lists for your enjoyment. I am not one of them.

Sorry to disappoint but I would be more than happy to point you to their blogs for such information if that is the stuff you seek.

What will I tell you though

I will tell you about how this adventure is going for me.

This is my space to share to anyone willing to read the mishaps and successes of this little adventure.

This space is much more personal. I will probably not be exciting every time. It will might not be poignant or edgy.

I promise to be honest to myself and to you the reader... whoever that might be.

I promise I will try to capture this moment in time in more than just a sequential retelling of activities and hope to share little bit more of myself.

This is my journey and there will probably be some cussing in here too. Please any parents who might not want their children to read a euphemism here and there find your self forewarned.

I will tell you my truth.


Diana L.