Day one we were introduced to the comfort of cruising. Five course dinners that quickly evolved into 8 courses. Yes you can order everything in the menu. Yes we ordered all the appetizers. Yes we had seconds. Yes we might have ordered two entrees too. Light dessert of course, just all three options of the night topped with the classic chocolate cake. Oh were the dinners glorious feasts.
It was fun to eat. In Spanish there is a joke:

"Estas cominedo como niño dios"
"De Ospicio!"

It basically translates to us eating like a starving child who hasn't seen food in months. I enjoyed it all. The Beef tartare was superb. Our waiter Alex and assistant waiter would agree to all of our needs. Oh you want 4 appetizers, a salad, soup and the entree? No problem I'll bring the pasta too.

The days were spent resting. Enjoying the 360 degree horizon view. Sleeping, eating, stretching, feeble attempts at the gym to offset our calorie intake, sauna, more sleeping and drinking. This was exactly what the doctor ordered. Finally shedding the physical and mental exhaustion from just getting there. LA was behind us. Europe before us and finally we had a moment to think.

        The ports of call were lovely. However, my favorite were the days at sea. Nothing to do but be. On our first port of Azores we decided to pack a lunch from the breakfast buffet items. This took me back to the days we travelled as a family and my mother would always take some fruit with her for us to have as we walked around. As a rule abiding child this always stirred up emotions inside me. The rules CLEARLY state no food can be take out from the buffet! Clearly they are going to check our bags and throw us into food smugglers jail. That same feeling stirred inside me as Jonathan worked away at our lunch sandwiches. I saw a waiter give us the stink eye. I was just sitting there nervous for us. Surely we were going to get in trouble!!! Of course, nothing happened. Sandwiches made I snuck them out in my purse. Such a rebel, such a rule breaker...

That first lunch on port was a great teaser of seeing new places. It was lovely. We ate our contraband sandwiches in a park. Rule breaking never tasted so good on an empty stomach.

Lisbon was beautiful. A European San Francisco. We left the ship around 7 am. The city was barely waking from the night.  It was great to witness a city come to life. The morning light hitting cobblestone streets and buildings. Stores slowly opening, cafes setting up their terraces for the oncoming crowds.   We worked our way through the Alfama quarter, which is the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon. It was filled with winding streets and colorful mosaic covered walls. One of the things I enjoy the most is getting lost in places like this. Just walking and experiencing what you find. Seeing into a different life, this is one of the main reasons WHY we are in this journey. To get lost. To turn corners into little windy streets and find scenes we would otherwise be oblivious to in our lives back in LA.  Finally I was getting excited about this whole travel thing again and then it hit me.