Compass Tales

(Kuhm-puh s, teylz)  Noun:

  1. An instrument for determining direction. 
  2. (Spanish) A friend, companion, confidant, or supporter of one's endeavors. 

Compass tales will catalog stories from travelers who journey with a bendable figurine, or trinket, that are gifted to them by a fellow traveler. To be a candidate to receive a trinket, the following must apply:

  1. The recipient of a trinket must have received one, in person, by a traveler who traveled with one. 
  2. The recipient of the trinket must journey with it for a certain amount of time (no more than 6 months). Photographing and posting pictures of the trinket in Instagram with the #compasstales and #lifeOTE. 
  3. Also add the location of the picture to track our little fellows
  4. Most importantly, the trinket must be passed on to another traveler.
  5. Repeat steps 1-34

If this movement becomes popular, a book based on stories collected through this website will be made to share with those who traveled with one or aim to receive one. 

This project is inspired by the travelers, vagabonds, tourists, carnies, toll booth operators, and all around fascinating captains whose stories I heard. 

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