About Life Over The Edge

We are the artistic duo that steers this digital ship. We designed this site to showcase our work and create. Thats it, just create and love what we do. 

Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan realized there was a great big world our there to explore since he was a child. Yes, he complained on his first backpacking trip with his family about how heavy his incredibly tiring 5 lb load was but, what 6 year old wouldn't? It was here where he fell in love with exploring something different and experiencing new things beyond his normal life.

    This need eventually led him on a 3 month outdoor leadership program where he was literally tested to the core of his bones. No, really his bones hurt… you can ask him.     

After that Jonathan was hooked and set out to make traveling a part of his life. He packed his bags at the age of 20 on his first international trip to Europe. That snowballed into him diligently trying to fill the pages of his passport. He crewed  on a sail boat the South China sea, explored the lands of Southeast Asia, walked with amazonian princesses in Brazil and was lucky enough to have breakfast smoothies in Abu Dhabi's Golden Palace.

    By trade Jonathan works in film as a Camera Assistant but, that is a different story. He has worked in big budget films and tiny indie projects only to find his real passion is out in the road traveling.

And thus he sold his childhood bed set and said goodbye to his sturdy bookcase in exchange for an adventure. 



Diana Legorreta

Diana spent most of her childhood exploring her native land of Mexico and the world. Her family was avid glob-trotters taking her family to see South America, Canada, most of the US and Western Europe all before she was 19. 

It was at the age of 12 while witnessing a never ending display of New Year’s eve fireworks over Copacabana beach that she realized this was what she wanted to do: see the world. And so the lifelong dream was born.

At 19 she left the cozy comfort of her home in Guadalajara to purse a career in Fashion. Two suitcases later, she arrived in San Francisco to attend Academy of Art University. Graduating with a degree in Fashion and Textile design she set out to try her luck in Los Angeles.  Soon the dream of becoming the next Coco Channel was replaced with the dream of saving up enough money to take a year off to travel.

After working at Forever 21, she continued to grow in her career as a Textile designer at LuckyBrand Jeans. Life was good but the dream of that 12 year old was still nagging in the back of her mind.  She proposed this crazy endeavor to her just-as-travel-driven boyfriend and the plan was set. 2015 was the year it was all finally happening.


If you’d like to see some of her textile work, don’t forget to visit her personal page